Special Dimensions Production Suitable for Your Space



Kısmet Tent and Awning Systems is proud to serve you with its deep-rooted experience, customer-centered approach and ISO 9002 quality certified materials since 1992. 

We offer you solutions with our bellows and articulated awnings, sheds and disaster tents that you can use in your homes or workplaces, and our large-sized tents that you can use in every field, from large events to industrial projects.

We meet your shade needs with our sun umbrellas that you can use in any environment such as hotels, restaurants, tea gardens, cafeterias, patisseries, poolsides, terraces, gardens and more.

As Kısmet Tent and Awning Systems, we have always adopted the principle of providing the best service. By making customer satisfaction our focus, you can safely entrust your projects to us. We are with you wherever you need shade.

Mastery in Shadow and Elegance


Kısmet Çadır designs and produces special products that will meet customer demands and expectations, in full compliance with national and international standards, and always delivers these products on time.

We are committed to the principle of continuous improvement in order to make our business more efficient and of higher quality. We are committed to providing reliable and excellent products to our customers by working with the principle of just-in-time production and zero defects.

Additionally, we always prioritize our respect for human health and the environment. In this context, we use environmentally friendly production methods and take care that our products do not cause any harm to human health.

As Kısmet Çadır, we work together to maximize customer satisfaction and product quality. “We constantly improve ourselves and maintain our high standards in order to provide you with better service.” 

Affordable Price and Quality Service Guarantee