Manual Guillotine Glass


Manual Guillotine Glass

Among the most popular glass systems in recent times, the manual guillotine offers advantages to its users in terms of usage conditions as well as glass appearance.

The usable area of the spaces is expanded, the cold coming from the hard cold entrances is prevented, and the environment is made more beautiful by using the manual guillotine glass system instead of depriving the view by building walls. 

First of all, it is frequently preferred in cafes and restaurants to block the cold wind. Thanks to Manual Guillotine Glass, it has become a frequently preferred alternative to being stuck between stone walls without compromising the eye comfort of the environment, person and place.

Since this alternative system is liked by many people, its usage area has begun to expand and spread.

Usage Areas of Manual Guillotine Glass Systems

These manual guillotine glass systems, used as glass windbreaks, are used for open-air meetings, concert areas, and scenic locations of cafes and restaurants.

Moreover; It is widely used in many areas such as open-air cafes, hookah venues, building entrances and common area balconies, hospital gardens, shopping malls and car park openings.

This product, which is used in such a wide range, is expanding its usage area day by day.

Manual guillotine glass, known as a wind breaker, literally stops the speed of the wind with glass for a comfortable pleasure.

Thanks to this glass, the places that need to be closed are covered by glass instead of walls made of products such as stone and brick.

Manual Guillotine Glass Systems

There are many locations where the wind is disturbing, but we may not want to close these places with walls for certain reasons.

For example, there is a very beautiful view, but since the wind blows very hard at certain periods, glass is preferred instead of covering it with walls.

In fact, the main thing that is wanted to be placed here instead of glass or walls is the windbreak. However, since it is not desired that the windbreak blocks the view, such a system was developed and manual guillotine glass was produced.

When a penthouse is built on the top floor of an apartment building, manual guillotine glass must be used to block the wind in the best way.