Vertical Zip Curtain

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Vertical Zip Curtain

Vertical zip curtain is one of the motorized curtain systems, also called zippered curtains. It appears as an alternative to roller blinds for outdoor spaces. It is a system equipped with fabrics that meet quality standards, just like roller blinds. Because of its quality fabric, it is resistant and durable to adverse weather conditions such as wind, snow and rain. It is a useful and effortless product. There are different models of zip curtains used outdoors. Zip curtain adds elegance to the spaces where it is used.

Advantages of Vertical Zip Curtain

There is no deterioration in the structure of the Vertical Zip Curtain, which provides ease of use due to its motorized feature, during installation. It is used both on interior and exterior surfaces. When you use zip curtains on interior walls, it helps save heat by 30%. It is a long-lasting product as it does not cause problems such as wear and tear. You can use vertical zip curtains in places such as home, cafe, restaurant. It is effortless to clean because it is thin and easy to maintain. Curtain systems designed with flat surfaces provide the comfort you are looking for.

Features of Vertical Zip Curtain Systems

Vertical zip curtain systems, prepared with Ferrari fabric technology, are made of composite material. It has a fabric with transparent screen feature. The fact that it has both a zipper and a motor provides ease of use. Although the main purpose of zip curtains is to provide shading, they have no limits in terms of functionality.